14 -28th JULY, 2019/ San Lorenzo de El Escorial -Madrid- Spain


PATRICIA ARAUZO. Piano (del 21 al 28)

Catedrática del Conservatorio Superior de Música de Sevilla


CHARLES MATTHEWS. Piano y música de cámara (del 14 AL 28)

Profesor y concertista. Reino Unido


VÍCTOR DEL VALLE. Piano/Dúo de Piano (del 14 al 21)


Catedrático conservatorio superior de Málaga


JUAN LLINARES. Violín ( del 21 al 28)

Catedrático del RCSMM


ALEJANDRO BUSTAMANTE. Violín ( del14 al 21)

COSCYL Salamanca


ENRIQUE GARCÍA VIVANCO. Violín (del 21 al 28)
Profesor de Violín



Profesora en Aberdeen (Escocia)


CAROLE PETITDEMANGE. Violín  (del 14 al 21)

Profesora del RCSMM

SASHA CRISAN. Cello (del 21 al 28)

Solista orquesta sinfónica de Sevilla


PEDRO MICHEL TORRES. Viola  (del 21 al 28)

Profesor DEL RCSMM


KATHRYN PRICE. Cello (del 14 al 28)

Concertista. País de Gales


CARMEN SOLÍS. Soprano. (del 21 al 28)



ELENA POCHEKINA. Violín (del 14 al 21)

Profesora centro superior Katarina Gurska


ALFONSO AGUIRRE. Guitarra (del 14 al 21)

Profesor centro superior Progreso Musical


ALISA LABZINA. Piano Acompañante

General InformatioN

Once the course is fully booked, students will be informed as to whether they can be full participants or observers.

Students receive an accredited diploma for their participation on the course. Certificates of attendance will be available for those observers who require one.

We provide rehearsal rooms and pianos for those students who take an active part in the course.



Two Week 640€. A deposit of 300€

One Week   380€

Observers  (one Week)   100€

Chamber Music (one Week) 150 €





  Individual instrument classes

  Free entry to all the workshops

  Entry as an observer to lessons in all the specialities 

  Accredited diploma

  Participation in the orchestra 

  Active participation in chamber music classes


  Free entry to all the concerts in the international course


Should be paid on enrolment. This should be paid either by cash, or by transfer to:

BANKIA, account no.

ES27/2038/2233/34/6000350874 - BANKIA, El Escorial.

specifying the name of the student.

It is necessary to fill in and send the "enrolment form" included in this documentation, together with a photocopy of the receipt of payment, curriculum vitae, and a list of the pieces to be studied during the course, to the Matisse school secretary, at the e-mail address matisseescuelademusica@gmail.com before the 19th of June 2019.


Further information is available from +34 91 890 17 87/matisseescuelademusica@gmail.comThere will be no possibility of a refund for any cancellation made after  19th of June 2019.



It is possible to pay the course fee in instalments with a bank transfer before the19th of June 2019:

A student for two weeks 320€

A student for just one week 200€



The balance of the total fee will be paid on the first day of the course.


It is necessary to fill in and send the "enrolment form" included in this documentation, together with a photocopy of the receipt of payment, curriculum vitae, and a list of the pieces to be studied during the course, to the Matisse school secretary, at the e-mail address: matisseescuelademusica@gmail.com.

It is possible to complete the enrolment online at our website:


Enrolment to be completed before the19th of June 2019.



We can arrange contact with local families who offer accommodation, and who are well known to us. Please tick the appropiate box on the application form if you are interested.

The price for this accommodation is 19 € per day, not including meals.

For 28 € you can have bed, breakfast and lunch.

The following hotel and hostel have special offers for students on the

international course:






We plan a series of activities which include:

the Opening and Closing Ceremonies,

a visit to the Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial,

concerts given by students and teachers

and the Final Concert.




We offer 15 scholarships worth 120€ for students specialising in an instrument.

For conservatory students we offer 6 scholarships of 20% of the fee for the most outstanding students.



In addition to individual tuition, piano students participate in group workshops, dealing with aspects of musical interpretation from different perspectives. There will be at least four of these workshops, with each one lasting about two hours.

These workshops will include:

Understanding -- Theoretical explanation of the bases for an artistic interpretation.

Resolution -- Spotting and overcoming any physical or emotional blockages that could

hinder the creative flow of a performance.

Experimentation -- Theoretical and practical exercises, allowing students to

become more aware of the physical aspects of musical performance.

Application -- Expression and communication exercises, both with and without the instrument, to improve stage performance.

Discussion -- Talks and debates on aspects of musical practice, such as: methods of study,

musical expression and communication.

We shall also use sensitization exercises, both individually and as a group.