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33rd Matisse International Music Course – a summer of music in San Lorenzo de El Escorial and Segovia

This year the Matisse course extends to Segovia as the base for our organ course, which will take place in the Cathedral and will be one of the activities presented by the 45th MUSEG-Festival Musical de Segovia. MUSEG will also host the Organ Trail, an event arranged by the Matisse Course, allowing us to enjoy the instruments of the city’s churches. As in previous years, the MUSEG programe will also include various concerts given by members of the Matisse staff. These activities will be presented with the assistance of the Ayuntamiento of Segovia, through the Fundación Don Juan de Borbón. 












piano and piano accompaniment







General InformatioN

Piano, guitar, voice, workshops, lectures, concerts and activities

General Information:

The course fee includes:


1.     Individual tuition (minimum of 3 lessons, maximum of 6)

2.     Entry to the lecture on Gesture and Music

3.     Participation in the Feldenkrais workshop (Consciousness of Movement)

4.     Admission to all classes given within the course

5.     Certificate of attendance

6.     Participation in chamber music and concerts

7.     Free admission to all concerts of the Matisse course

Classes begin at 10.00am on Monday July 20th, at the Centro de Arte Matisse,

c/ San Francisco 18 - 28200 - San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Madrid), Spain



The price of the course is 360 €.

It is possible to split the payment of this fee, paying 200 € by bank transfer by 19th June, and paying the remainder on arrival.



Payment should be made either in cash or by bank transfer to our account -- IBAN: ES27/2038/2233/34/6000350874

(BANKIA bank, branch 2233, El Escorial). Please indicate your name when paying.

Non-Spanish residents need to transfer the money to the above account or send a cheque in Euros.

All bank charges must be paid by the applicant.



Students of guitar, voice or piano can request accommodation with local families, sharing a twin-bedded room and receiving breakfast and one other meal. If you wish to apply for accommodation, please fill in the appropriate part of the application form.

We can also recommend a hotel and a hostel, both with economical rates, for those students who prefer to organise their own accommodation.


The application procedure

To apply for the 33rd Matisse International Music Course, students should submit the application form below, duly completed, attaching evidence of payment of the fees, a CV and a list of works that they propose to study on the Course. Please apply by email to: matisseescuelademusica@gmail.com.

The deadline for applications is 1st of July, 2020. For any enquiries, please contact the Course Secretary between the hours of 4 and 9pm (weekdays)

on (+34) 91 890 1787. Alternatively please write to matisseescuelademusica@gmail.com 


During the course there will be several concerts given by staff and students, including the following:


Sunday, July 19th

Concert given by young artists who have attended previous Matisse courses.

Wednesday, July 24nd: concert given by teachers of the Matisse course, as part of the Summer Festival at the Auditorio de San Lorenzo de El Escorial.

Saturday, July 25th

Segovia Organ Trail – students from our organ course will perform works they will have studied during the week, in various churches around the city.

Sunday, July 26th

Organ recital in Segovia Cathedral by our organ tutor, Charles Matthews.

A little history…

The Matisse International Music Course: 33 years of history.

Amongst the great number of cultural and educational activities presented during over 30 years by the Centro de Arte "Matisse", perhaps the mot prestigious and advanced is the Matisse International Music Course, which began in August 1988 as the conclusion to the first Ciclo de Música y Teatro en los Reales Sitios de Patrimonio Nacional. Since then over 2000 students, coming from Spain and from many other countries, have benefited from coaching by established artists from Spain and from across Europe; international concert artists have transformed the Course into something much greater than a conventional music course.

The standard of teaching, the master-classes and lectures, coupled with the rich beauty of the natural, historical and cultural environment in which the Course has taken place for the last 32 years, have made it an event treasured by professional musicians, students, amateurs, critics and by the general public.

The extensive range of concerts presented by the Course over the year has particularly featured strings and chamber music. We have been able to revive old traditions, for example the concerts in our fourth year, where we performed the piano quintets for Strings and keyboard by Fr. Antonio Soler in the Casita del Infante Don Gabriel and the Casita del Príncipe.

Our concerts have taken place in venues such the Alcázar in Segovia, the Basílica and the Patio de Coches of the Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial and, in recent years, within the Summer Festival of the San Lorenzo Auditorio, on occasion attracting audiences of over 1000 people. Concert programmes over the 32 years of the International Course have included baroque, classical, romantic and contemporary works, music for four pianos, for voice, violin concertos, ‘cello concertos and chamber music.